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Saint Joseph is the model for all men on how to be strong husbands and fathers.If you want strong, faithful, and selfless men to be priests, then raise your sons to be strong, faithful, and selfless. If you want husbands and fathers to be strong, faithful, and selfless, then raise your sons to be strong, faithful, and selfless. Do you understand?

A Father's Duty 

You will do this by cultivating virtue in their lives. You will do this by setting their priorities straight while you have control over their schedule. You will do this by placing faith over worldly endeavors. This "you," by the way, is first and foremost you dads.

It is not your wife’s job to teach your son how to be a strong Catholic man. It is yours.

It is not your wife's job to teach him to love God first, set his priorities straight, embrace abstinence, virtue, and discipline as a matter of being a man. It is yours.

It is not your wife's job to model faith, prayer, steadfastness, and leadership. It is yours.

If she has to do it, then it is time for you to man up.

The Scandals Today 

Every problem and scandal we face in our families, churches, parishes, and society is fixable by the grace of God. We have to step up, make the needed changes, and be willing to stand out from this society so as to positively change this society.

It is time for us men to man up and be what God has called and created us to be. Do you understand?


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