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Jacqueline Burkepile interviews Kari Beckman, mother of 8 and the founder of Regina Caeli Homeschool Academy.How Catholic Homeschooling Changed My Family in a World Full of Noise: This is so helpful! Kari Beckman, founder and director of hybrid Catholic homeschooling program Regina Caeli Academy, explains to ChurchPOP editor Jacqueline Burkepile why she chose homeschooling for her children more than 20 years ago. Beckman is a mom of 8 children, and sees the beautiful benefits of Catholic homeschooling in a loud world.

More Peace 

"One thing we noticed when we pulled our son out of school, is that our children really began to have a beautiful relationship with one another, and our family unit worked much better. There was a lot more peace in the family."

Especially through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, some parents now choose homeschooling as their preferred method of education for their children. Beckman explains why she believes homeschooling is the best option for Catholic parents.

"Now there’s a militant desire to control the mind of your child. Unless you are physically present in the classroom every day, you will no longer have control over what they do to your child’s mind. Bottom line. With today’s ability to telecommute from work, try to do whatever you can for you and your husband to get jobs that make it possible to keep your kids home with you."

All Things are Possible  

She also encouraged parents who believe there is no other option than to send their kids to school. "With God, all things are possible," Beckman said. "To encourage parents: through the beautiful sacrament of matrimony, we are given a special grace, so rely upon it to know what’s best for your individual child. Pray and ask God to really show you what’s best for your child. Because it’s very short-lived that you have this opportunity. You can’t wait for programs to get it right."

Listen to the full interview.


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