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Forest fires that burn out-of-control put many lives at risk.Satan’s Rage is Spreading: An Exorcist’s Powerful Answer to All Problems in the United States. The look of Satan’s rage is unmistakable. There are several traditional signs that a person is possessed:

The Signs

1. Understanding and speaking unknown languages.
2. Aversion to the sacred.
3. Occult knowledge.
4. Superhuman strength.
5. Look of inhuman rage. 

When you see it on a possessed person’s face for the first time, it takes your breath away. Today, as I look out across this country, I see the same fire of Satan’s rage. And it is spreading.

Satan's Rage is Spreading

Hatred, bitterness, violence, and rancor are everywhere. People cannot civilly dialogue. Backbiting and constant criticism are the norm. Everywhere there is anger and hatred. Satan’s rage is spreading.

We can try to throw the water of our own righteousness on it and put out the fire. But there is only one antidote. Rev. Martin Luther King told us, “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Only love, only God, can drive out Satan and his hatred. Love your enemies. Love democrats and republicans. Love Trump and Biden; Pence and Pelosi. Love the rich and love the poor. Love blacks and love whites. Love those in Antifa and love the police. Love people who are terrorists and criminals. Where there is love, there is God.

Time is short. The fire is raging. We need the emergency vaccine of love and we need it now. This article originally appeared on the Saint Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal’s Exorcist Diary blog.


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