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Saint Michael the Archangel is the prince of the heavenly host who cast Lucifer out of Heaven.Put on the Armor of God! Exorcist reveals the powerful protection sacramentals provide against Satan: Julia grew up in a good Catholic family. She went away to college and began dating a young man who was heavily engaged in the occult.

She participated in these rituals and fell into other sinful behaviors as well.

Attacked by Demons 

By the grace of God, she came in contact with a dynamic Catholic youth group at the university, and it turned her life around. She broke up with her boyfriend. She started attending Mass and went to Confession. Things were looking up for Julia.

A few months after her conversion, she awoke one morning with horrible marks on her back. It looked like a beast had raked its claws down her back. Demons began to attack her. They nightly harassed and abused her. She had difficulty entering a Church or going to Mass. She knew her past had come back to torment her.

Two of her female friends at the university wanted to help. They had entered her room at night and could see what was happening. They decided to sleep in her room and to be a support during the demonic attacks. Unfortunately, these young women, although well intentioned, were not spiritually ready for what they encountered.

One fell into drug abuse and sexual promiscuity, and shortly thereafter left the university. The other became filled with rage, threatened suicide, and she too left the university.

Rite of Exorcism & Sacramentals

Julia’s family referred to her to an exorcist who began the Rite of Exorcism. She noted that when she went home to her family, the demons did not enter the house. Her parent's home had been blessed; it was filled with sacramentals including crucifixes, holy statues, and often sprinkled with holy water. The parents were fervent Catholics.

Ephesians 6 says, "Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil."

The young women were spiritually not ready, but the parents were. Faith in God and Jesus Christ are the armor that protects us. As faith slips away in these secular days, I worry that our homes and families will not be protected. If our nation declines in faith, what will become of it?


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