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There are at least seven lost Catholic traditions that would improve the life of the entire Church if families practiced them today.7 Lost Catholic Traditions: Should we bring these traditions back? On a podcast episode of The Catholic Gentleman, hosts Sam Guzman and John Heinen discuss several rich Catholic traditions we desperately need back in our faith life. "These practices have been either marginalized or forgotten, but have great value for the Church and our individual pursuit of holiness," state Sam and John.

Here are the Big Seven: 

(1) Scapulars and their spiritual benefits.

(2) Friday fasting, abstinence, and the First Friday Devotion.

(3) 54-Day Rosary Novena, Perpetual Novena, the Angelus, Liturgy of the Hours, and the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

(4) Gregorian Masses for Souls in Purgatory -- available through the Missionaries of the Holy Family.

(5) Sacramentals, including blessed chalk, water, salt, and oil.

(6) Celebrating the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist on June 24 annually.

(7) Ember Days which are three days set apart for fasting, abstinence, and prayer during each of the four seasons of the year.

According to The Catholic Gentleman, participating in these traditions will better your life!

Watch on YouTube this fascinating episode HERE:

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