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At Lourdes, France, in 1858, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to little Bernadette Soubirous.Saint Bernadette's incorrupt relics tour the United States. This is so exciting! The incorrupt relics of Saint Bernadette Soubirous will travel through the United States for the first time ever this year. The tour began in Miami, Florida, on April 7, 2022 and will conclude on August 4, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

From the Flesh

The relics will visit several additional states, including Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. Click here for the full itinerary.

The website explains that the Sisters of Nevers distributed the relics to various houses of their congregation. The relic traveling in a reliquary to the United States is an ex-carne (from the flesh) relic.

Rector of the Sanctuary of Lourdes, Bishop Olivier Ribadeau Dumas, expressed deep joy and enthusiasm for this U.S. tour of Saint Bernadette's relics. He says that he "deeply rejoices in this pilgrimage, where this little Bernadette, in her simplicity, in her joy, who is coming to join you, who is coming to invite you to pray to the Virgin Mary in complete trust, to renew your confidence in the one who became the handmaid of the Lord." Here is his video.

Plenary Indulgence 

The website also says the faithful may obtain a plenary indulgence through the veneration of the relics, along with following the three usual conditions: receiving sacramental Confession, Holy Communion, and praying for the Holy Father, as well as detaching oneself from all sin.

Here’s a video of the relics entering the first U.S. Church, Our Lady of Lourdes in Miami, Florida. What do you think of this tour? Saint Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes, please pray for us!


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