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Scottie Scheffler, in 2022, won the Masters Championship and is the top ranked golfer in the world."I Golf to Glorify God." The world’s top golfer Scottie Scheffler said in a press conference that glorifying God is the purpose of his career after becoming the Masters Championship. The 26-year-old PGA Tour world champion and practicing Christian explains that it’s not about a golf score. He also reveals how his wife encourages him in faith.

The Real Reason

"The reason why I play golf is I’m trying to glorify God and all He’s done in my life," Scheffler says in the interview. "My identity isn’t a golf score. All I’m trying to do is glorify God. That’s why I’m here, that’s why I’m in this position. For me, it’s not about a golf score."

The golfing champion also explains how his wife encourages him in faith. "Like Meredith told me this morning, she says, 'If you win this golf tournament today, if you lose this golf tournament by 10 shots, if you never win, if you never win another golf tournament again, I’m still going to love you. You’re still going to be the same person. Jesus loves you, and nothing changes.'"

His Better Half 

"Meredith always prays for peace, because that’s what I want to feel when I’m out there on the golf course," Scheffler continues. "I want to feel peace and have fun and just feel His presence. And so, that’s her prayer every day. That’s my prayer, and I really felt that today."

Scheffler adds that he knows God is in control, even if he does not feel ready for a competition: "I cried like a baby this morning. I was so stressed out. I didn’t know what to do. I told Meredith that I don’t think I’m ready for this. I’m not ready for this kind of stuff. I just felt overwhelmed."

"She told me, 'Who are you to say that you’re not ready? Who are you to say that you know what's best for your life?’ So, what we talked about is that God is in control, and the Lord is leading me, and if today’s my time, then today’s my time."

Here’s the video clip.

Please pray for Scottie & Meredith!


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