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Moonflowers in the mini-Marian Grotto in back of Saint Wenceslaus Church in Saint Louis, Missouri.Rosemary’s Garden, at Saint Wenceslaus Parish in Saint Louis, Missouri, was established in the mid-1990s, but the vision for this garden began many, many years ago with the planting of just a few seeds. My parents, Frank, Sr. and Rosemary Pichler, planted many seeds: the gift of life to their nine children – Barb, Diane, Frank, Jr., Mary, Roe, Laurie, Tony, Therese, and Eric; our love for God and our Catholic faith; our love and respect for one another – the family unit, the domestic church.


Our Lord appeared to Saint Faustina and asked for an image to be created representing His Merciful Love.Divine Mercy Sunday (on April 28 in 2019) typically involves large numbers of people gathering to celebrate Holy Masses at which God's mercy is proclaimed by the priests or deacons. To receive the Extraordinary Graces of this Feast, the only condition is to receive Holy Communion worthily on Divine Mercy Sunday (or the Vigil celebration) by making a good confession beforehand and staying in the state of grace and trusting in His Divine Mercy.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is considered by many Church scholars to be the greatest theologian of  the modern era.Benedict said what the Vatican abuse summit dared not: "Homosexual cliques" ruined seminaries. He said what prelates at the Vatican’s recent summit on clergy sexual abuse would not say: Homosexual cliques “significantly changed the climate in the seminaries.” Benedict’s essay has broken the hierarchy’s seemingly impenetrable wall of silence regarding the major source of the Church’s sexual misconduct and cover-up problem.

In the papal encyclical, Rerum Novarum. Pope Leo XIII condemns socialism.Sometimes you hear Christians says, “We can be faithful Catholics and socialists with regard to economics, because we aren’t atheists like Marx.” Actually, that’s not true. Popes have spoken explicitly and condemned socialism on economic grounds and in terms of social justice. Pope Leo XIII, in particular, puts the smack down on socialism.

Mother Angelica is the foundress of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN): Global Catholic Network.In memory of Mother Angelica, foundress of the EWTN Catholic media empire, Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki wrote an article, Mother Angelica used power of media to evangelize. He explained that the Church used the term “social media” for the technology of communication. A document of the Second Vatican Council, Inter Merifica, uses the same term. Mother Angelica was called to use the media for evangelization. She did so to proclaim the Good News and share Catholic teachings in the modern era.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, is known as the Patroness of the Unborn in the Catholic Church.The Heresy of Relativism: Justifying abortion gives testimony to the pervasiveness of the heresy of relativism in our culture today.  Relativism says that if you believe an action is moral, then it is moral.  Anything can be moral if you want it to be; there is no absolute morality or truth. The truth is that God is the author of life, as well as the Commandment: “Thou shalt not kill.” 

Natural Family Planning and living in union with nature are very Christian and encouraged by the Catholic Church.Grace builds on oil? Naturally! My children have wonderful imaginations. Broom handles become wizard staffs. Legos become bath toys. While this is probably wonderful for some sort of developmental task, it creates problems. When someone goes to sweep, they can’t find the broom head. The plumber is called to retrieve small plastic blocks from the drain.

Church Suffering refers to the Holy Souls in Purgatory who are undergoing final purification before entering the Kingdom of Heaven.What are Gregorian Masses for the Church Suffering? Gregorian Masses are special Masses offered for a deceased person for 30 consecutive days. The purpose of Gregorian Masses is to help obtain the deliverance of a soul from Purgatory. This goal is made possible through the dispensation of God’s mercy.

Many forms of artificial contraception serve as abortifacients which terminate the lives of unborn children.The Catholic Church has never taught that wives are to have as many children as possible. There are natural, non-contraceptive ways through which Catholic couples are permitted to moderate their number of offspring. In 1968, Pope Paul VI issued the encyclical, Humanae Vitae, Latin for “On Human Life.” This encyclical explains the opposition of the Catholic Church to the use of artificial contraception.

After His resurrection, Jesus Christ gave His apostles the power to forgive or retain sins in His name.Two questions faithful Catholics often hear from Protestants, non-believers, and, unfortunately, fellow Catholics are: (1) Why do Catholics have to confess their sins to a priest? and (2) Why can’t Catholics simply make a confession directly to God? Since Vatican II, lines for Confession in Catholic churches have become much shorter, while the lines for Communion have become much longer. Why is this?