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The North American Province includes Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico with our Provincial Office in Saint Louis, Missouri. Our Mission statement is:

We, the Missionaries of the Holy Family of the North American Province, are united in religious community according to the purpose of our Founder, Servant of God Father John Berthier, who dedicated our future and ministry to the ideals of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we respond to the missionary task of the Church and contribute to the evangelization of all for the coming of the Kingdom of God. Our Mission to evangelize encompasses far away places, different cultures, and wherever the Good News needs to be proclaimed. According to the gifts and talents of our members, we are moved to:

  • draw others to the Gospel,
  • promote vocations, and
  • stress the pastoral care of Families.

The North American Province has established, built, or served in over 40 parishes, missions, and chaplaincies since 1925.

The Parishes where Holy Family priests and brothers serve include a full spectrum of parish life. The challenges to serve the needy of the parish and the community might be higher than typical because many MSF parishes are located in the poorer areas of a community -- areas that need redevelopment or need to be developed for the first time. An attribute that distinguishes MSF members in their parish work is their family charism – MSF priests are living as part of a religious community with a strong sense of family. MSF try to live their community life as did the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

The Chaplaincies at the hospital and nursing homes are wonderful ministries that help greatly in times of crisis. Having or being a loved one in a hospital or nursing Home is not easy spiritually. MSF chaplains support not only those admitted to the nursing homes but their visiting family members as well. 

The Missions are located in the remote and developing parts of the diocese where a parish community is just beginning to form. MSF members visit these missions on a periodic basis. The three missions in Texas that are currently served by MSF all have a covered chapel or church, but missions in Mexico were often simple outside chapels. Mission work is enormously rewarding and incredibly challenging.

Our men in North America serve in the following parishes, missions, and institutions:

Ottawa, Ontario

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Parish

Ottawa, Ontario

University of Saint Paul

Saint Louis

St. Wenceslaus Parish

St. Wenceslaus "Mass Mob" 2017

Saint Louis St. Frances Cabrini Academy
Donna Cristo Rey (mission of St. Joseph Parish)
Donna St. Joseph Parish
Hunter St. John Mission (served by OLPH Parish)
New Braunfels Holy Family Parish
New Braunfels Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish
Redwood St. Joseph Mission (served by OLG Parish)
Seguin Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

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