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The Missionaries of the Holy Family serve God and His People -- mind, body, and soul -- in 22 countries around the world. Popular programs are our Food Packets for the Poor and Gregorian Masses for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Donations are also used to support our missionary priests, for scholarships for our seminary students, and for medicine and immunizations for children in our mission territories.

In a special way, please remember the sacrifices and pray for all missionaries who bring the Good News to every land and every nation on the day devoted to them, the annual World Mission Sunday.

Enjoy some pictures from our various ministries:

For school children in Madagascar, having enough food to keep from starving is a higher priority than a grade school education.

Missionaries of the Holy Family pastorally care for families living in the jungle or "bush" of Papua New Guinea.

Children gather for the celebration of a Catholic Mass in Papua New Guinea.

Despite the poverty, children in Madagascar live and love, laugh and play.
People who live in the jungle of Papua New Guinea gather together after the Catholic Mass is celebrated.

A young husband and wife have their child baptized in a ceremony in Indonesia.

 An Indonesian Extended Family gather together after the celebration of Baptism for a young child.

Men of Papua New Guinea volunteer to serve on a parish council for a local church.

Children in Indonesia gather together after their First Communion in the Catholic Church.

  A Missionary of the Holy Family priest meets with his family in Indonesia with all wearing traditional outfits.

Children in a primitive area of Papua New Guinea dress in their cultural attire at a First Communion celebration.

 This simple building serves as a center for ministry by the Missionaries of the Holy Family in Chile.

Missionaries of the Holy Family partner with the Knights of Columbus on many mission projects.

Children in the jungle "bush" of Papua New Guinea rejoice together after receiving their First Holy Communion.

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