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To turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.
(Malachi 3:24)

Question 1: Why do we need to send our children to PSR or Catholic School?

Answer: In the busyness of the home, it can be a challenge for parents to make the time to educate their children in matters of the faith.  At the baptism of their child, parents made the promise to nurture and educate their children in the Catholic Faith. Public School Religion (PSR) classes and Catholic Schools are an important tool for parents to fulfill this obligation.

Question 2: Why do we need to attend Sunday Mass?

Answer: It is one of the Ten Commandments – “To keep Holy the Lord’s Day.” Communion is one of the greatest gifts we have on this earth. Why would we want to pass up this gift each week? Christ instituted the Eucharist for the benefit of the Faithful to nourish us on our spiritual journey by providing us with His Body and Blood. Mass provides us with the opportunity to reflect on God’s goodness and to be thankful for all that He has given us. Mass is an opportunity to encounter Christ in a setting with the parish community, giving us the opportunity to love God and love our neighbor.

Question 3: What is the domestic church?

Answer: The Domestic Church is where the real practice of one's faith takes place. How we deal with each other as spouses, as parents, as children, and as a family shows us how we are living out our Catholic Faith. The hour that we spend at Mass on Sunday is a seed for what should blossom in our homes with our family during the week. Too often the pressures and stress in the home can be a test of one’s faith. Responding to these difficult situations in a Christian way unites us with Christ. Prayer: Saint Agnes Novena to live by Faith.

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