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1/20/2022 Debbie Pray for the healing of a grandmother diagnosed with cancer in all her organs. Pray for the salvation of her soul and comfort for her family.
1/20/2022 Simone Please pray for our family, loved ones and especially our children.
1/20/2022 Margaret Jane Please pray for my husband and I to have our first baby together. I have only one fallopian tube open and I do not ovulate on a regular basis.
1/20/2022 Carey Pray for healing of my high cholesterol, my sinuses, my knees and my neck. Also, prayr for my finances and that I get a good night's sleep.
1/20/2022 Simone
Please pray we will be protected from everything bad
1/20/2022 Britney Please restore and heal the broken relationship of Britney and Nicholas. Pray that she will be able to forgive my mistakes and that I will be part of her life for good and bad. i
1/19/2022 Gabriel
Please be with my mother who is deathly sick. Please pray God restores her health to fullness of life. Please pray for my brother Michael who is homeless.
1/19/2022 Rajesh I am suffering from anxiety, fear and a cold and cough. Pray for me.
1/19/2022 Jewel
Please pray for God to restore my marriage. 
1/19/2022 Jocelyn Please pray that God enlighten me with strength and wisdom to clear my technical interview for moving to Accenture Germany.
1/19/2022 Melanie Please pray for my father Dennis. He is suffering with bladder cancer and is deteriorating fast.
1/18/2022 Grace
Please pray for complete healing of members of my family affected by Covid and protection for those who are not. Please join me in praying for strength of mind and body as we go through this.
1/18/2021 Reddy Please pray that I receive financial blessings.
1/18/2022 Alp Pray that the Lord forgives me for repeating the same mistakes over again.
1/18/2021 Monica
Please keep my daughter Melissa in your prayers. May she overcome her drug problems and have spiritual and physical healing. Thank you.
1/17/2021 Seth
I’ve recently been suspended from my ministry position.
Pray that even now I will concentrate and focus on what the Lord has for me, serving Him well, doing what I should.
1/17/2022 Diep Pray for Andrew on the occasion of his 16th birthday to love and trust in God, to love Mother Maria, to love his parents, to have abundant wisdom, grace and discernments to do God's will, to study hard and be healthy.
1/17/2022 Stephen Please pray for my girlfriend's parents, Margaret and Terry. Please pray for Bella Rose and her friends and peers. She is a candidate for the Sacrament of Confirmation this year.
1/17/2022 Alma Please pray for my aunt Suzette G. She's been having issues with her eye sight and needs surgery.  Pray that she may remain strong and believe in the Lord throughout. Thank you very much. God bless you!
1/17/2022 Michelle
Please pray for my grandmother, Aldona, who is in the hospital at 95 due to COVID-19. She wasn't responding to treatment and deteriorating. Please pray for her to feel better.  Also, pray  for my mom's strength. Her mom is her best friend.
1/17/2022 Joseph
I ask for healing. I have the Covid virus and it seemed that I was getting better but then it got worse again. I don't complain too much but it is wearing me out. Worse, it is affecting my relationship with God. Thank you.
1/17/2022 Phil
Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine.
1/17/2022 Suzanne Pray that Jesus will continue to heal my leg and pain. I pray that this disease doesn’t spread and I can be restored back to health. I ask and pray this in Jesus’s name.
1/16/2022 Jansi Please pray for my mother Malini who is suffering from a cough. My husband Vipin also has a cough. Please pray to our loving Lord to heal them.
1/16/2022 Charlie Please pray for healing to my head. Thank you.
1/16/2022 Natalie Please pray for Herbie, who lost his mother to cancer. Please bring him guidance and strength. Please bring him healing in his grief. Please bring her peace. Please grant them grace. Please let him hear the words she would tell him if she were here
1/16/2022 Simone Please pray for our mental health. Our educations. Direction and guidance in our callings. Not falling short but full glory for God.
1/15/2022 Greg
Please pray that Gregory has a speedy recovery from a stroke that happened in June of 2021. My prayer is also that Greg be restored to full health.
1/15/2022 Mariella Please pray for me as I take the National Medical Admissions Test on Jan. 20 and that i’ll be able to get my desired percentile rank.
1/15/2022 Nicholas  Please restore and heal the broken relationship of Britney and Nicholas.. I hope she able to forgive me and I will be part of her life.
1/15/2022 Richard Pray for the salvation for the soul of Kurt. 
1/15/2022 Debi Prayers please for dad, Louis, who died Jan. 6, 2022, and mom, Mary, who is still in the hospital.
1/15/2022 Sherrie Please pray for Reginald. He may be in a difficult situation and cannot get out of it in the right way. Thank you.
1/15/2022 Laura Please pray for my sister-in-law Suzanne who is unconscious now not to go into a coma in Jesus' name.
1/15/2022 Florita Pray for Marina who is dying and needs Last Rites from a priest.
1/15/2022 L.a.m. Please pray for me to keep waking up every day. I am so lost. Hurt. Alone. I have lost everything and everyone meaningful in my life. Please pray that I can keep my head and heart clear enough to figure out the correct path to get past this.
1/14/2022 Christine Pray for total deliverance and healing. Pray for a financial breakthrough, holy marriage, and permanent employment.
1/14/2021 Eileen Please pray for my dad Jose's healing and salvation. He's in the hospital with  bacteria, pneumonia and Covid. We need a miracle! Pray for Wendy who is also in the hospital with Covid.
1/14/2022 Nweke
Pray that the good Lord will give me knowledge and understanding and grant me a financial breakthrough through Christ our Lord. Amen.
1/13/2022 Patrick Please pray for my intentions.
1/13/2022 Mary Please pray for Margie A. who has breast cancer.
1/13/2022 Rajesh I am in a lot of trouble because my job is unsafe. Please pray for me.
1/13/2022 Stephen
Pray that my girlfriend Ivy and I will be united from a long distance relationship to being in an in-person one.
1/12/2022 Jennie Pray for healing for my mom who has stage 2 cancer.
1/12/2022 Natalie Please pray for Herbie, who lost his mother to cancer. Please bring him guidance and strength. Please bring him healing in his grief. Please bring her peace. Please grant them grace. Please let him hear the words she would tell him if she were here.
1/12/2022 Maria Please pray for Monica and Adriana. 
1/12/2022 Simone Please pray for our mental health. Our educations. Direction and guidance in our callings. Not falling short but full glory for God.
1/11/2022 Jennifer Please pray my brother Matt can get this new job he is trying to get. He goes Thursday. Pray for him to have the courage and take this chance. Thank you.
1/11/2022 Simone
Please pray for my health, my finances and all of my intentions. 
1/11/2022 Ces
Please pray for me that I will be healed from depression and anxiety.
1/10/2022 Alexander Please pray for my intentions.
1/10/2022 Marie Please pray that my father-n-law's extreme illness will get better and that he will be able to come home. Soon. He is in the hospital. We need a miracle.
1/9/2022 Jeff
Please pray for Stephanie who is involved in prostitution and stripping, drugs, abusive relationships. Prayer for her conversion.
1/9/2022 Alan Kindly please pray that I stop hearing the many different voices in my head that have been troubling me for past 1.5 years. Thank you very much
1/9/2022 Carmen My uncle is fighting brain cancer and Covid. Please send prayers. His name is Micheal
1/8/2022 Debora Pray for healing from breast cancer for Christina. Also, pray for Nate, her husband, and their three boys as they take care of her.
1/8/2022 Amal I am 20 years old and I am a Catholic from India. I am suffering from severe headache Please pray for me. 
1/8/2022 Sandra Pray for healing of my stomach and recovery from Covid. 
1/8/2022 Swararoop Please pray for my intentions.
1/8/2022 Diep Please pray for my family.
1/8/2022 Marilene
My best friend is suffering from anxiety and depression. She is now under the influence of bad colleagues that is affecting her relationship with her family. Please pray for her
1/7/2022 Carol Please pray for my great-niece to conquer her addiction to illicit drugs and that my great-nephew will overcome his addiction to alcohol.
1/7/2022 Elizabeth Pray for the complete healing and recovery of my mother and father. We love them so much.
1/6/2022 Simone Please pray for all my intentions. 
1/5/2022 Bee Pray for our families and for our extended family in Europe. Pray for the poor souls in purgatory. For our deceased friends and family. For Marian and Chloe and all those sick with Covid. Thank you so much! We pray for you!
1/5/2022 Lula Emergency prayers please for my mom and dad who are in the hospital on ventilators with COVID Pneumonia. May God touch them and send them back home to my family.
1/5/2022 Cindy Please pray for a miracle for my son Matthew's hand to be useful again. Please pray that he is happy and pain-free today and that he sees his purpose in life.
1/5/2022 K. Please pray that I get my home back as soon as possible. A person who is living with my family is causing problems. Pray for us.
1/5/2022 Rose Please pray for Gerald who will have a nose procedure /surgery on Friday morning.
1/5/2022 Kevin Please pray for Kevin and his family to have better finances and that all their needs and wants will be fulfilled as soon as possible.
1/4/2022 Mathew Pray that I get a job.
1/4/2022 Mary Please pray for Andy who has health issues and for Josh to be married in the Catholic church and for our family.
1/4/2022 Dawna Pray for all my intentions on all my prayer lists and especially the ones closest to my heart. Pray for all people who ask me to pray for them.
1/4/2022 Joslin Please pray that my relationship with Alfe work out.
1/4/2022 Bill and Carol Please pray for world peace. 
1/4/2022 Daljinder I was recently diagnosed with heart disease with severe blockage in left coronary and right coronary arteries. I humbly request a prayer to heal me from my heart disease.
Thank you for your prayers.
1/4/2022 David Please pray for peace of mind for all who are considering suicide.
1/2/2022 Remzy Please pray for my mother Rashida who is weak and in the ICU with brain swelling, kidney failure and heart issues. 
1/2/2022 Bee Pray for our friends and family suffering with Covid/flu. Pray for the salvation of souls. Pray for the poor souls in Purgatory. Pray for our family and our children/grandchildren to find their vocations. Pray for our European friends. Thank you!
1/1/2022 Narendra Pray that my finances improve. Please pray for my family.
1/1/2022 Jane Please pray for my health and that I will make good decisions about my life.
1/1/2022 Anakha Please pray for my family. Also, I have been in love with a man, but if he is not the one for me, give me insight and strength to trust your ways.
1/1/2022 Emilio I am feeling suicidal and despondent. Please pray for me.
12/31/2021 AsGr Pray for my relationship with Yash to work out. Pray for peace in my life.
12/31/2021 Gabriel
Please pray for Gabby and my relationship. We broke up due to me yelling at her. Her mom Stacy heard and threatened and was successful in convincing Gabby to leave and she hasn't been back. Pray for us.
12/31/2021 Monica Please pray for God's mercy and forgiveness for me, and also for his intervention in my marriage.
12/31/2021 Mady
Please pray for my upcoming exam that is super important in determining my career.
12/31/2021 Ludovic Please pray for my healing. After surgery, my leg is very swollen and hurts. I can't walk.
12/30/2021 Mary
Please pray for the good health of my grandchildren and daughter from Covid. Remove the illness from their home. Amen.
12/30/2021 Meena
I'm from Bangalore. Please pray for my intentions, especially those who have cancer. 
 including Angel, Mebhu's brother and Latha.
12/30/2021 Mark
Pray that I will be healed and forgiven. Heal my teeth, my gums, my jaw, my whole mouth region. Heal my sinus and respiratory organs, Lord.
12/30/2021 Mary
Please pray for my brother Andy who may be dying.
12/29/2021 Rocky
Please pray that I will be successful in my job because I have a family and newborn baby. Please pray for my job stability so that I can take care of my wife and my baby.
12/29/2021 Angeline
Pray that i receive a baby this year from our Lord and to grow him for His glory.
12/29/2021 S.
Please pray that both of Albert’s cancers are cured and that the treatments worked. May he remain cancer free through his faith in God and the power of prayer and that he continue to live a long life free of cancer.
12/29/2021 Janice Please pray for my fiance James. He had a setback and now he is truly suffering in agony. He came from Canada to work in Singapore but his Canada bank account was frozen since July. Pray that his problems get resolved.
12/29/2021 Alexander Please pray for my intentions.
12/29/2021 Joslin Pray that Alferius passes the exam without any problems. Please unite us soon in marriage and please convince my parents to get along with his parents.
12/29/2021 Helena Pray for a safe return home for my family to Croatia and the U.S. I pray that my aunt does not spend the holidays alone. I pray that we stay healthy and safe for from Covid and all variants.
12/28/2021   Please pray for the full healing and restoration of my mother's health.
12/28/2021 Sykes Please pray for my intentions.
12/28/2021 William Pray for my health.
12/28/2021 Martin Pray for my 5-year-old cat is suffering from an illness and  seems to be getting weaker and worse. Her name is Chiki and we are from Malaysia. 
12/28/2021 Ellen Please pray for the full healing and restoration of my mother's health.
12/28/2021 Jane Please pray that I find good friends and a life partner. Please pray for all of my intentions.
12/28/2021 Swaroop Please pray for my intentions.
12/27/2021 Anthony Please pray for God's mercy and grace upon me and my family. Pray for the spirit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding upon me ad my family. Pray for all of my intentions.
12/27/2021 Michael
Please pray for my mother Anita. May God heal her liver and cure her of diverticulitis and heal her pain and inflammation completely. Thanks and God bless.
12/27/2021 Jane Please pray for me. I hurt my back at the gym. I can’t move. I have to clean my flat and go shopping. I want a husband to help me. Pray for all my intentions.
12/27/2021 Valerie
Please pray for my deceased father, Chester.
12/27/2021 Kevin
Please pray that we all rejoice in hope, endure in affliction, persevere in prayer.
Romans 12:12
12/27/2021 Alexandra Please help me pray for a miracle into the relationship between my beloved adult stepdaughters Melissa and Meagan.
12/26/2021 Damian  Pray that I have the grace to emulate the Holy family and model mine like theirs. Pray for God to guide and protect my son, Anthony.
12/26/2021 Jessica
Please pray for my mom Jennifer who died on Dec. 26, 2010. Please pray that her soul will stay with God in Heaven.
12/26/2021 Vincent Pray that my wife heals from arthritis in her hips.
12/26/2021 Terence Pray that I have a financial miracle, and that a cure is found for a skin disease that my son is facing and for God’s intervention in our family life.
12/26/2021 Jordan Please pray f or unification of the true Church.
12/25/2021 Sylvia
Pray for protection, good health, provisions, guidance, graces and mercies for me and my children, family and loved ones.
12/25/2021 Art Please pray hard for me. 
 12/25/2021 Narendra
Please pray for my family that is suffering from debts and needs the basics.
12/25/2021 Amal I am a Catholic from India. I am 20 and preparing for a tough exam. Pray that I pass the exam. 
12/23/2021 Mary Please pray for my brother Andy who is missing.
12/23/2021 Bernedette Please pray for my Mom. She is in critical condition and we don't know if she has brain activity. Please pray she will be ok. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen. God bless.
12/23/2021 Rose Please pray for Stephanie for healing and restoration. She has a retinal tear in her right eye. Thank you.
12/21/2021 Juanne
I am 20 years and I am 5'4. I am trying my best to get some height as my future goal needs me to be taller. Please pray that I grow taller to achieve my dream.
12/21/2021 Alexander Please pray for my intentions.
12/21/2021 Alan Please pray that I will be healed of my psychosis/schizophrenia illness. Thank you very much.
12/21/2021 Rose Please pray for the discomfort in my chest and in my eyes to improve. Please pray for all of my intentions.
12/21/2021 Jeremy Pray for me to get along better with my mom and for all my intentions.
12/20/2021 Simone
Please pray for events to go well, including Christmas parties and Christmas Day, also New Year's.
12/19/2021 Richard Please pray for my intentions.
12/19/2021 Kannabeeran
Please pray for me. I need a job and to get out of debt. I pray to have good neighbors. 
12/19/2021 Taryn Please help me to feel God's love, strength, and guidance always. I ask this in Jesus's holy name. Thank you, amen.
12/18/2021 Pete Next Tuesday, Rose is to have another breast revision surgery. I am asking for your prayers to St. Agatha, for a successful outcome.
12/18/2021 Melanie Please pray for my mother Dawn who is high risk and has COPD as we wait for our Covid test results. Please pray that they are negative and that God will heal her.
12/18/2021 Narendra i am suffering from debts and basic needs. Please pray for my family.
12/18/2021 Joslin Please pray that my parents will accept Alferius whom I want to marry. 
12/17/2021 Alp Pray that my sins will be forgiven.  I don’t want anyone to get in trouble because of me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
12/17/2021 Sharon Pray for the good health of Lloyd and Sharon. Pray for our marriage. Pray for daughter Cori to have negative cancer results.
12/17/2021 Phil Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. Please pray for all of my intentions.
12/16/2021 Seth
I I am in a Sabbatical-transition now, from the lowest position in our ministry, to the highest position. I am getting married to a beautiful bride named Tarin. Please pray for our marriage and that we follow God's plans for our lives. 
12/16/2021 Anna Please pray that I get my love back.
12/16/2021 Board Please pray for my good health.
12/16/2021 Kirsten Pray for the fast approval on our Family visa application to Canada and that my husband will find a job soon.
12/15/2021 Alexander Please pray for all my intentions.
12/15/2021 Paul Please pray for all my intentions, including my wife, my family and my finances.
12/15/2021 Thuy Please pray for my health and the health of my family. God bless my job. May our student visas be approved.
12/14/2021 Rosie Pray for Rev. Greg's cancer to be healed. Pray for my son John to marry in the Catholic church.
12/14/2021 Cyril Please pray for my woman, Hannah. She’s having a hard time and awaits her examination result. Please pray for God’s grace over her exam.
12/14/2021 Joann Pray for my other half to beat his case in court today either having it get dismissed or coming out on monitor. Financially, we need him home for the holidays.
12/14/2021 Rebecca
Pray for my return to the Church with an open heart and willing mind. Pray that i heal from my long-term health-related issues from COVID in December 2020.
12/13/2021 Sherrie
Please pray for the following individuals: Jesse, Clifton, Stan, Sir and Shirley. They are suffering from severe depression. Thank you very much in advance. 
12/13/2021 Georgekutty Kindly pray for the speedy recover of my brother Soyichen from Parkinson's and the after effects of stroke and heart problems.
12/12/2021 J. Please pray for my intentions.
12/12/2021 Dinah Please pray that I will be able to finish my novels and be a success.
12/12/2021 Eddy Pray that I have good things happen in my workplace.
12/12/2021 Rasjiv Please pray that I have the energy, motivation and positive environment to be able to pray. Thank you very much.
12/12/2021 Joslin Please pray that my love relationship with Alferius work out. 
12/12/2021 Seth Pray that the Lord will give me great wisdom in asking a young Christian lady out. I’m a high-functioning autistic, and have a lot of deep broken areas in my life.
12/11/2021 John I have so much to be thankful for, but am caught in the grip of anxiety, depression and periodic bouts of addiction. Please pray for me. 
12/11/2021 Lloyd
Please pray for peace and religious unity in the world. Pray to enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community. Pray for the Pope and all Catholics. Pray for our family and near and dear ones. Pray for all my intentions.
12/11/2021 Swaroop Please unite me with my true family for our salvation and deliverance.
Please keep us away from our enemies. In Jesus' holy name. Amen.
12/11/2021 Marjie
Pray for healing of my son Paul who is very depressed and drinks too much alcohol which makes him worse.
12/10/2021 Georgekutty Please pray for the speedy recovery of my brother Soyichen from Parkinson's and after effects of a stroke and heart problems.
12/10/2021 Lynn Please pray for me and for my family. We are in very desperate need of God Almighty's protection, mercy, forgiveness and salvation.
12/9/2021 Jansi Please pray for my mother Malini. She is having swelling in her right eye. May our Lord touch and heal her. 
12/9/2021 Kate Pray that I find a better job that easesmy  financial difficulties and is in a healthy work environment
12/9/2021 Seth My colleague Tony and I work in a Christian ministry. We’re currently working on providing recommendations for a Pakistani online ministry contract. Please pray for our success.
12/9/2021 Mike My fiancé Darleen has been diagnosed with cancer :-( She is a very special mother and grandmother who has only done good things in her life  for family and for friends. Please pray that she returns to good health.
12/9/2021 Simone Please pray for my intentions.
12/9/2021 S. Please pray for the salvation of my family.
12/8/2021 Randy Pray for the health of my family and for all who have the Coronavirus. May Jesus Christ forgive their sins.
12/8/2021 Ena Pray for my husband to pass his exams so we can raise our newborn well and in a more settled way.
12/8/2021 Floyd Please pray that I will be healed in order that I may go home from the hospital. Thank you for your prayers.
12/8/2021 Maria My son Michael is hearing voices in his head and he is in a dark place in his life. Please pray for him to come back to his self.
12/7/2021 Shakti I need prayers for me. I have digestive problems and weakness sometimes. I need to gain my strengths back. Also, pray for my wife, Blessy, who has body pain.  
12/7/2021 Shushanna Pray for me to pass my drivers test, please.
12/7/2021 Jansi Please pray for my mother Malini who is suffering from eye problems in her right eye.
12/7/2021 Alexander Please pray for my intentions.
12/7/2021 Gillian Please pray that Dominic will walk again. Please pray for Gillian to overcome her fears, phobias and anxiety and to have peace.
12/6/2021 Gayle Pray for healing to stop the daily pain. 
12/6/2021 Georgekutty Kindly pray for the speedy recovery of my brother Soyichen from Parkinson's and the after effects of stroke and heart problems
12/6/2021 Sophia Pray that Sophia can get her adenoids out and tubes in her ears.
12/6/2021 S.P. My dad has been experiencing discomfort in his body and has been asked to do an endoscopy. We as a family are scared. Please pray for him.
12/6/2021 Michelle Please pray that I find the love that God had planned for me so I can have a family. I am 32. Pray for my nana who is at the end of her life and in pain. Pray for my mom to have strength during this process.
12/5/2021 Shayne Please pray for my dad Melvin who is in the ICU with Covid pneumonia. We pray that God heals his lungs and helps him recover.
12/5/2021 Ashbil Please pray for my marriage in the upcoming year. May God bless me and the girl I love.
12/5/2021 Rohit Please pray complete healing for my mother Jaya.
12/5/2021 Maricela
Please lift up in prayer all babies (born and unborn) and children of the world. Thank you
12/5/2021 Becky Please pray for my marriage. My spouse has moved out. May God please help restore my marriage.
12/5/2021 Joseph Joseph has been dealing with health issues for the last nine months. Doctors have not been able to find the cause. Please pray for his recovery.
12/5/2021 Stephen Pray for John's speedy recovery. 
12/5/2021 George May God please heal my wife, Paulette, who has battled breast cancer twice over a ten-year period. Now, it has turned to stage 4, metastatic bone cancer of the spine and sternum. She has endured so much. Pray for her healing.
12/5/2021 Linda Bob has severe melanoma on his face and has had numerous surgeries. Please pray for healing! Thank you.
12/4/2021 Thea Please pray that I heal mentally and physically. I have a daughter and a son that I love so very much. Pray for the safety of my kids and family and myself.
12/4/2021 Latrice
Pray that Christopher changes his ways and become a better man. Pray that he will marry me and that we will have another child.
12/4/2021 Simone Please pray for peace and for good things in my life.
12/4/2021 Marilene Please pray for healing of my best friend Lothell. Take away the resentment in her heart towards her mother. In Jesus' name, pray.
12/4/2021 Wynee Please pray for physical healing.
12/4/2021 Alp Please forgive me and my dear people. Guide us on the right path, in Jesus' name. Amen.
12/3/2021 Robin Please pray for us. Our landlord gave us a less then a month to move out so he can make our house a parking lot. 
12/3/2021 Brooke Please pray my husband gets the new job opportunity and gets his new business started. Please pray God will reunite our marriage and help us to communicate better. Thank you.
12/2/2021 Wendy
Pray for a miracle for my son Chris who needs help with his mental health.
12/2/2021 Simone Please pray for my intentions.
12/2/2021 Joseph Please pray for Zisa.
12/2/2021 Darshana Please pray that my mother and father agree to and support my marriage to Rohan. Hallelujah. Amen.
12/2/2021 Olivia Please pray that I will fully submit myself to the Lord and his plan for me.
12/2/2021 William Please pray for Melody, my beautiful wife. She is in the hospital fighting to recover from Covid.
12/2/2021 Ronelle Please pray for the protection and conversion of Azaliah and Liam. 
12/2/2021 Jansi Please pray that my parents, Malini and Jeyaraja have a good relationship. 
12/1/2021 Walter Please pray for everyone that I love and who they love that we may be drawn closer to God this holiday.
12/1/2021 Soyichen Pray for the speedy recovery of my brother Soyichen from Parkinsonism and after effects of stroke and heart problems.
11/30/2021 Alexander Please pray for all my intentions. 
11/30/2021 Ronelle Please pray for the healing and recovery of my beloved mum Joyce, and for the continued protection of her heart, mind, body, health, life and soul. In Jesus' name, Amen.
11/30/2021 Linc Kindly show us a way to settle all our debts. We need your mercy, Oh Lord. Pray for us.
11/30/2021 Madeleine Please pray for all the prayer petitions of our family prayer circle.
11/30/2021 Mazza Please pray for the healing of Carmelo. My 8-year-old nephew Carmelo has an inoperable brain tumor. The doctor told my sister there’s nothing more they can do. Please pray for his recovery. 
11/30/2021 Maria
My daughter is 27, a working mother and sole provider for an 8-year-old daughter. Please pray for her and the decisions she makes.
11/29/2021 Merlin Pray for the safe return of my sick kitten who has been missing for 10 days. 
11/29/2021 Noah Please pray that I will fully submit myself to the Lord and his plan for me. 
11/29/2021 Jamie Please pray for my family and me, for our health and well-being. My wife's mother and father died recently. She is still hurting. My daughter is hurting over the loss of her grandparents. Pray for the health of my family. I am being sued in federal court because of a job accident that was not my fault. Pray for me.
11/29/2021 Akaamsh My family and I have been suffering in all aspects of life. Now, recently physical health problems have also started. Please pray for us.
11/29/2021 Frances-Ann
Please pray that my husband can find more work for himself and his crew. Also, pray for my friend and her young kids who just lost their husband/dad.
11/29/2021 Charles Pray for the healing and conversion of my nephew Jason. 
11/29/2021 Vinoj Please pray for my wife to be kind always to our 3-year-old daughter and to me. We are looking for a miracle. 
11/29/2021 Felicia Please pray that my relationship with Jermaine be renewed and restored. that we can grow in lov.,
11/29/2021 William Pray for a speedy recovery for Rafael's mother who just was admitted to the hospital for Covid.
11/28/2021 Felix
I have had a constant headache for 2-1/2 years and I want to be healed
11/28/2021 Matthew My friend, Alaina, is in need of an intercession prayer. Pray Alaina receives a divine encounter with the Holy Spirit and that she receives an understanding of the need for salvation to be radically transformed in Christ's image.
11/27/2021 Jyoti
I am in my 40s. I have many fears. I want to earn a Ph.D. and travel to new places. I would like to help underprivileged children, girls and women. Please help me heal permanently. 
11/27/2021 Lijo
Kindly pray for relief from stress and anxiety from my job. Also pray that I do well at my job. 
11/27/2021 Beth Please pray for me and my situations. In Jesus' name.
11/27/2021 K. I am disabled and the government wants to take away my ability to pay for my apartment in the middle of winter. Please pray for me. God bless.
11/26/2021 Adela Please pray for Enrique's conversion to the Catholic faith, the salvation of his soul, and his health and well-being.
11/26/2021 Dinah Pray that I always have good friends and family. Jesus, please help me find a good husband and healthy children. 
11/26/2021 Simone Please pray for Christmas time to be really good. Help us with our Hebrew language teaching. Teach us all things, please.
11/26/2021 Rakia By May 2022, may I be fully moved to Starkville or Tupelo, Mississippi.
11/26/2021 Joslin Please pray for me and Alferius. Lord, give us salvation. Let Alferius ask forgiveness for his sins. Lord, please show me my life partner who will love me always.
Please pray for my father's salvation.
11/25/2021 Jansi Please pray for my father Jjeyaraja. Pray for peace in our house.
11/25/2021 Derek Please pray for me. I am having problems with my teeth. St. Michael, protect us.
11/25/2021 Simon Please pray for my good health to be restored.
11/25/2021 Alexander Please pray that God protect all Christians and their needs. Please pray for all my intentions.
11/24/2021 Sarah Please pray for my family to connect my son and brother. May God show them the way to find peace and talk before my brother dies.
11/24/2021 Theresa Pray for a safe journey for my children traveling for Thanksgiving.
11/24/2021 Rini Pray that I will be able to get out of the situation that I am tied in at the moment.
11/24/2021 Elizabeth Please pray for Mahony to want me back into his life and to contact me.
11/24/2021 Shahony My business is my passion and I put my success entirely in Your hands. I ask that You help me run it efficiently, and with the wisdom to recognize and accept the changes that await me. 
11/22/2021 Nicholas Please pray for all my intentions.
11/22/2021 Karen Please pray for all my family and friends and neighbors to be converted, to come to Jesus Christ and have a blessed prayer life, return to the sacraments and be saved. For Divine will to form my life and all my loved ones.
11/22/2021 Antonio Give me the strength and courage to be a good example for my daughter and those around me. Pray that I may lead a life of prayer and charity that honors God.
11/22/2021 N. We need a miracle. Please pray for my family. Thanks!
11/22/2021 Josephine Pray that Michael's brain cancer heals. Also, pray for healing for Catherine's father. 
11/21/2021 Dinah
Please help me escape from an abusive household, people and situations. Please pray for me.
11/21/2021 Laura Please pray for my daughter Jenny's salvation, protection and deliverance.
11/21/2021 Taryn Please help me stay centered and focused on You, Your love, Jesus, and your ministering angels. Please help me achieve the positive thoughts and life by breathing deeply, being so grateful and appreciative 
11/21/2021 Alan Kindly please pray that I will be healed of my psychosis/mental illness, having suffered for past 13 years. Thank you very much.
11/21/2021 Jocelyn We have been trying to conceive for 4 years and really want to have a baby. Please pray for success. We will have Intrauterine Insemination tomorrow, Nov, 22. May the Lord help me to conceive a healthy baby. Thank you and God bless.
11/21/2021 Darron Please pray for my total inner healing and restoration, as well as that of my mind, body, and soul.
11/19/2021 Stephen Please pray for me as I am suffering from heart disease.
11/18/2021 Mario
Please pray f r me to find someone in my life and to become a successful missionary.
11/18/2021 Bernard Please pray for the spiritual and physical well-being of my wife Rebecca.
11/18/2021 Elizabeth
Please pray for Mahony to want me back in his life and to contact me. I want to make everything right with him. I dearly care and love him and miss him and his daughter. Please pray for my son Grant who has bad uncontrollable seizures.
11/18/2021 Simone Please pray for work events. Pray that we have happiness, joy, love and times full of all of God's love. And pray for all my intentions.
11/18/2021 Olivia
My husband and I are going to spend Thanksgiving in Texas at his cousin and new girlfriend's house. We haven't seen him in more than 40 years. Please pray that this adventure works out well.
11/18/2021 Matt Lord, my wife and I have been separated for over fourteen months. She filed for divorce over a year ago. She has good reason to make the decision to divorce under the law as I admit I sinned. Please pray for our marriage.
11/18/2021 Matthew Please pray for my friend Alaina to have a divine encounter with God's presence. Pray to God there will be an understanding of the need for salvation and that a softening of the heart will occur.
11/18/2021 Patrick Pray for God to bless me with money to buy and repurpose the expedition yacht to serve those in need> Thanks and God bless.
11/17/2021 Theresa Pray for all our deceased family members. Pray for my family's health and safety, and for my special intentions ... also for my children and grandchildren.
11/17/2021 Nora I am sad and lonely. I have no children, and the season is quite hard for me. I just found out my only sister is going away for Thanksgiving. Please pray for my peace.
11/17/2021 Wynee Please pray for my health andthat my  lung disease will be healed.
11/17/2921 Cris Please pray for my husband's health, and that my sister's boyfriend gets the right job. Pray for my sister to have peace. Pray for my family's health and for all of my intentions. 
11/17/2021 Ronelle Pray for the healing, conversion and salvation of my sister Rhia, and for the grace and strengthening of her faith, and to be reconciled with God again.
11/17/2021 Edward Please help me with the panic attack and anxiety and the sinus issues I am dealing with. Please remove the pain in my jaw and neck and if there is anything wrong, please correct it. 
11/17/2021 Lori Please pray that God will heal Lori for the sake of her children and husband. Doctors say she can't recover, but the family believes in the power of prayer and believes God can heal. Thank you.
11/16/2021 Joaquin Pray that my dearly departed family and friends rest in peace.
11/16/2021 Simone Please pray we make good moves. Pray that our finances do well Pray for all of our intentions. Thank You.
11/15/2021 Jennifer Please pray for my son Gavin who is struggling in school with reading and writing.  Pray that he can focus more and overcome this. Thank you and God bless.
11/15/2021 Nadia Pray for the baby in my womb to be healthy and for a safe delivery.
11/15/2021 Jamie Please pray for my family and me. My wife's mother and father both died recently. She is still hurting. My daughter is also hurting over the loss of her grandparents. This is causing her difficulty with her college classes. My mother is suffering from mental and physical issues. She has cancer. My grandfather is fighting skin cancer.
11/15/2021 Gina Please pray for my boys to turn back to God and the Catholic Church. Pray for my spiritual healing, and help my immediate family.
11/15/2021 Juliet  Pray for my painful shoulder to heal.
11/15/2021 T. Please pray for my niece Jazmen and my nephew Joshua to put God in their lives.  Also, pray for my twin boys with autism. 
11/15/2021 Lynette Please heal my mom's lower back pain. Pray that I do well in my exams and that my sister Delecia does well, too. Pray for my sister Rhea, my uncle and keep my family safe and in peace. Protect everyone from Covid-19. 
11/15/2021 Shahony I am grateful to you for granting me the grace, wisdom, and means to run a business. Please give me the strength to work hard and make my business prosperous and abundant. Amen.
11/15/2021 Alexander Pray for my intentions.
11/15/2021 Cherry Mae Prayer for Omar. Grant him courage and a sound mind to resist temptations. I pray that God will help him to live a life that is pleasing to him, help him to be the man he designed him to be. Pray for me. Grant me a forgiving heart.
11/14/2021 Magda Please pray for the healing for my little twin daughters Marta and Ewa. We need a miracle.
11/14/2021 Mazzz Please pray for the healing of my nephew Carmelo.
11/14/2021 April Please pray for my prayer requests, that they will all be answered.
11/14/2021 Lance I need healing for my high blood pressure and anxiety, liver, heart mind and circulatory system.
11/12/2021 Simone Please pray I learn the Hebrew language well.  May we study really well and be blessed. Educate us. May all our teachings be all You love. 
11/11/2021 Gina Please pray that my boys will turn back to God and the Catholic Church. Pray for  spiritual healing for me, and help my immediate family.
11/12/2021 T. Please pray for my niece Jazmen and my nephew Joshua who  need salvation and a relationship with Jesus, but they don't seem to find it or look for it. Please pray for them. Also. pray for my Twin boys with autism.
11/11/2021 Natalie Please pray for my grandmother, Lottie, who would have been 107 today. Please also pray for all the veterans that served our country this Veteran's Day. God bless them all. Amen.
11/11/2021 Alp
Dear Lord, forgive me. Give me faith and strength to do my best this week. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
11/11/2021 Tendai
Please pray for my husband and me. We are waiting for our provincial nomination from Saskatchewan. Please ask the Lord to grant us our immigration through the officer who is handling our case.
11/10/2021 Shaleem Please pray for my mother Teresa.
11/10/2021 Catherine Please allow the release of my family, loved ones, and those souls in Purgatory who have no one to pray for them. Allow them to joyfully be with you and praise you along with all the saints in Heaven. Amen.
11/10/2021 Tendai Please pray for my husband and me. We are waiting for our provincial nomination from Saskatchewan. Please ask the Lord to grant us our immigration through the officer who is handling our case.
11/10/2021 Twyla Please pray for Preston and for me to have peace over the tumultuous breakup. I'd like to be able to move on gracefully and peacefully with God's protection. Thank you so much.
11/10/2021 Alexander Please pray for my intentions.
11/10/2021 Titus I am a senior in high school. Please pray that I do well in my exams.
11/10/2021 Linda Please pray that I get through this holiday season. Both of my sons were taken from me. My oldest son was taken his senior year by a drunk driver and my youngest son was taken 3 years ago when he died from his sickle cell disease.
11/9/2021 Lynette Pray for my mom's lower back pain to heal. Pray that I pass my exams. Pray that my sister Delecia does well in school, too. Please pray for all my intentions.  
11/9/2021 Barbara Pray for me and my family and for God to open my eyes to new opportunities for wisdom and strengthen me where I am weak. Bless me and my kids. Amen.
11/9/2021 Joseph Please pray for my intentions.
111/9/2021 Colleen
I need a miracle. My cancer has come back. I am a widow raising two sons. They have no one else. I am waiting for treatment. Just pray that I live long enough to start it. My mother is also dying. Please pray for us. Blessings to you all.
11/8/2021 Shame Pray that my stolen identity is restored and that I do not have to be worried or concerned about future identity fraud, theft or corruption. Pray for restoration of my joy, peace and recovery from depression. 
11/8/2021 Alp Pray that I am guided on the right path. Clear my mind to learn new things. Give me wisdom to see the beautiful things. Forgive me that I feel depressed. Give me strength to overcome my past and the difficulties. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
11/7/2021 Sante Please pray that Josephine of Rochester, NY,  will be healed of stage 3 esophageal cancer.
11/7/2021 Shelly Please pray for the Intercessors of the Trinity core team and their families for their protection against all evil (spiritual warfare). Place us underneath his shield (Psalm 91) for spiritual protection.
11/7/2021 Simone Please pray for world issues. Pray for people to hear the voice of God. Make us wise, intelligent and Godly. Make us positive and kind. 
11/7/2021 D Please pray that MR and DF come back together, and MR realizes how much DF loves him and would go above and beyond to give him the best life possible.
11/7/2021 Karen My daughter has recently graduated with her Master's degree in library science and has gone on over a dozen job interviews, but has received no job offers. She also has a chronic illness and is losing hope that things will get better. Please pray for us.
11/7/2021 Angela I'm coming out of retirement to work. I'm spreading myself too thin helping others. My finances are drained. Pray that I pass my Illinois Caregivers Registration Test.
11/6/2021 Gina Pray that Mary, Mother of Jesus, please be a mother to me now. To forgive me for not following as I should. Lord, have mercy. 
11/6/2021 J. Please pray for my intentions.
11/6/2021 Sandra Please pray for my financial situation.
11/6/2021 Vutomi Pray that the Lord will help me find solutions and to have peace. May the Lord continue to bless my sister.
11/5/2021 Ralph Please pray for the health and continued healing of Ralph.
11/5/2021 Alexander Please pray for my intentions.
11/5/2021 Lili Please add Daniel to your prayer list. He is a 34-year-old husband, father, and grandfather. Daniel is a strong, courageous, loving man who is also an Army ranger and former police officer. Daniel is fighting for his life on a ventilator in Billings, MT due to Covid. Please pray for him. Thank you so much.
11/5/2021 Ronald
Please pray for me. Things are not going as I had hoped, especially at work.
11/4/2021 Roberta Please send blessing and enlightenment to my children including my son-in-law to return to the church. Please allow my grandchildren to be raised in the faith, especially Stella who is of age to make her first confession and holy communion. Let my grandson be baptized and raised in faith. Amen.
11/4/2021 Terry Please pray that I am free from character defects. Pray my conversion will lead my family to a closer walk with the Holy Trinity and my son Dennis will know his parents' love, love of Christ and accept Christ as his personal savior. Amen.
11/4/2021 J. Pray that I will get to the gym. I’m very depressed. Give me the encouragement I need.
11/3/2021 William Please pray for me. Bless my home. Bless my St. Benedict medals. I'm divorced and don't have a girlfriend. I'm 72 years old and I'm retired. I love reading different versions of the Bible. Pray that I find companionship and peace of mind.
11/3/2021 Karen Please pray for my friend and her family who have Covid. Pray that they will heal and be well soon. Thank you.
11/3/2021 Alexander Please pray for my intentions.
11/3/2021 Charlotte Pray that the family return to the church and baptize their children. Pray for health and safety for the family. Help me get through my serious illness and prepare for death. 
11/3/2021 Rahul Please pray for my friend Sageeta who is ill with jaundice.
11/3/2021 Dawna Please pray for my son JT (and his fiancé Cyndi and lead them to a strong conversion and love for You forever. Pray also for his two sons Harlin and Owyn, ex-wife Kailie and her fiance Terry. 
11/2/2021 Suman Please pray for me and my husband to find good jobs that will help us solve our financial problems. Pray also for my health. 
11/2/2021 Alp Give my dearest person strength and wisdom to pass the exam with a very good grade. If it's your will, do this miracle. In Jesus' name. Amen.
11/2/2021 Joseph Pray that my property and possessions will be blessed. Pray for my faith to be strong and pray that I will lead a respectable life. 
11/2/2021 Jahn Marie Please help me pray to St. Jude. I'm in a desperate situation and need help and enlightenment. Pray also that I will have strong faith.
11/2/2021 Berlina Please pray for peace and love in our family.
11/2/2021 Stella I am struggling to make ends meet. My debts are coming after me and I do not have sufficient funds to manage my family's needs and my debts. Due to Covid, I was not able to catch up with my expenses. I need help. Pray for me. 
11/2/2021 Theresa Please prayer for my mom, Theresa, who recently passed away on All Souls Day. Pray for all who have died. Amen.
11/1/2021 Archana Pray for my friend Arti. She is suffering from dengue and is on a ventilator in very critical condition. She has two kids, age 3 and 6 months. I pray and strongly believe miracles do happen in the name of Jesus. Amen
11/1/2021 Soji Please keep our family united and strong in God's presence. Please make a path for us to trust and have faith in each other.
11/1/2021 Alexander Please pray for my intentions.
11/1/2021 Jamey
Please pray that when I attend the Nov. 19 event that I get closure without my elderly mother, myself or anyone else getting Covid. Thanks.
11/1/2021 Alp Pray that the Lord will give me wisdom and strength and clear my mind from negative thoughts. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
11/1/2021 Joslin Please pray that I learn if Alferius is my chosen partner. Lord, please reveal to me my earthly partner. Amen.
11/1/2021 Eleanor Please pray for a good outcome on my recent CT scan.
11/1/2021 Chelsea Please help me find my purpose in life. i feel so lost in my career. I want to help people and I feel stuck writing software instead.
11/1/2021 Melissa Please pray that I can get to doctors to help me with my serious health issues.
Thank you.