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Almighty Father, prayerfully we have relived these events in the life of the Holy Family.

We have undertaken this journey because our families are in need of the love and the guidance and the strength that only this Family can give.

Meditating on these events in the lives of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, we have come to understand that their joys are our joys, their difficulties are our difficulties, and their sorrows are our sorrows.

With confidence then we place our families in their loving embrace.

Through their intercession, may our families grow in love and in harmony. May this Holy Family be an example to all who seek to do your divine will.

And may we all come to understand more fully that imitating the life of the Holy Family is the only way to achieve the love and respect upon which depends the sanctity of all families.

Heavenly Father, grant us your blessings as we strive to be your faithful and loving children. Help us by the prayers of this Holy Family of Nazareth to be good and holy families seeking to please you in all things for the greater glory of your name and for our eternal salvation. Amen.

Our Father. . .
Hail Mary. . .
Glory Be to the Father. . .